Company Overview

Our mission is to deliver better, safer, faster health data at any scale.

Our behaviour is at all times guided by a deeper set of steadfast values. We have crafted these values together as a team, and we revisit them at regular intervals to ensure they are lived up to by each and every one of us, in everything that we do.

Guiding principles

We are future-focused

We are future-focused.

We strive for quicker and better results, driving transformed outcomes for individuals through the intelligent use of data and technology.

We unify.

We bring together data partners and healthcare pioneers to build a community better tuned to the needs of individuals.

We are defenders of individuals’ rights.

We adhere to a higher standard and are proud champions of privacy, not reckless renegades.

We are upfront.

We respect the people we work with and serve by being clear and direct with our approach. Honesty breeds trust.

Privacy, security, and data protection by design

All of our products are designed to preserve privacy, safeguard data and defend individuals’ rights.

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Data partner alliance

Our data partners are members of a fast-growing alliance of like-minded people and organisations focused on transforming health outcomes through safely accelerated data sharing and improved treatment pathways.

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