What we do Overview

We equip healthcare researchers and professionals with the complete patient-level evidence they need, when they need it, to enable efficient, data-driven decisions.

We safely unite patient-level data:

  • Without sharing personal information using a privacy-preserving, patent-pending methodology
  • In a deterministic way (100% match, 100% of the time)
  • In full compliance with data protection regulations across any setting, platform or device
  • With a fully interoperable and data model-agnostic solution

For health research

Our platform delivers flexibility, completeness, and scalability.


Our solution

Slow and expensive insights from patient-level data

Fast and efficient output and iteration

Unpredictable outputs that don’t address the evidence need

Precise, agile data queries targeting only relevant metrics

Insufficient data sources (especially from newer settings)

Full view across clinical, social, behavioural & environmental

One-off projects with wasted costs and limited replicability

Limitless re-use of data sources

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For health planning and care

We provide a safe and efficient way for our data partners to generate value from their data and deliver better outcomes.


Our solution

Timely access to data to better understand and treat patients

On-demand united identifiable data for relevant metrics

Inadequate info for long-term condition management

Patient stratification for improved treatments and budgets

Inability to drive value from latent data stuck in silos

Potential cost coverage and funding for patient support

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Our technology