Irreversibly anonymised complete patient-level evidence, driving enhanced insights and efficiency.

Key benefits


As a researcher or research organisation, access all your remote patient data sources


High-quality research evidence is acquired faster and in greater volumes; data can be cleaned and organised automatically for your real world evidence or clinical projects


Unite data from multiple sources into a single, rich, anonymised patient record


Patient records are fully GDPR compliant and stored and managed in-line with all data privacy and information security laws and best practices

Who this is for


InsightFILE has been designed in close collaboration with researchers to ensure optimal user experience and flexible delivery of regulatory-grade real world evidence.

It is used by research-oriented professionals within:

  • Contract research organisations
  • Pharmaceutical, diagnostic or medical device companies
  • Registries
  • Academic research
  • Any environment such as health plans or patient support organisations where irreversibly anonymised patient-level evidence can improve knowledge and decision-making.

Health system stakeholders

InsightFILE is also used by health system stakeholders such as:

  • Commissioners/Payors
  • Public health teams
  • Senior managers at a national and regional level

Use cases and benefits

InsightFILE offers a more flexible, complete and scalable profile of patient-level health across many scenarios:


Supporting site selection, patient recruitment and observational control groups.


  • Faster time-to-market
  • More accurate patient heatmaps
  • Targeted patient recruitment
  • Intelligent tracking

Medical affairs

Providing scientific and clinical support for treatments and diagnostics.


  • Higher quality scientific support
  • Dependable supplement to RCTs on efficacy and safety
  • Enhanced commercial positioning and messaging
  • Support for enhanced labelling

Market access

Getting the right treatment and diagnostics to the right patient at the right time and at the right price.


  • Stronger evidence for HEOR and reimbursement
  • More granular net system cost impact of products
  • Longitudinal value-based healthcare evidence generation
  • Compelling support for formulary positioning

Healthcare planning

Supplying key aggregated outputs to inform service planning at scale.


  • Population level risk stratification
  • Understanding of population needs and population flows
  • Tracking the impact of service/operational changes
  • Identification of patient groups which are most at need and highest cost
  • HealthFILE can thereafter be utilised to select patients for targeted health support programmes and personalised care plans


Understanding the distribution and determinants of health-related states and events in specified populations.


  • Richer human intelligence
  • Deeper natural history/patient pathways
  • Fuller patient/disease demographics
  • More detailed cost and scope of management

The ultimate beneficiary? The patient – through better research, knowledge and planning.

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