Identifiable record-level evidence via strict access controls based on consent or legitimate patient care interest.

Key benefits


Record-level data is collected from the many sources inside and outside your organisation where it’s held in data silos


Only authorised users can see identifiable data; non-clinical staff such as data analysts are switched automatically to anonymised datasets


Your individuals’ data is united into a single rich record to give your research the best possible dataset for easier data analytics and results, leading to better outcomes


Data collection should be as automated as possible, fully transparent, auditable and legal

Who this is for

Healthcare practitioners and managers

HealthFILE is used by anyone who has a legitimate patient care interest or holds specific patient consent to view identifiable record-level data in order to deliver better patient care.

Clinical researchers

HealthFILE has been designed in close collaboration with clinical researchers to ensure optimal user experience and flexible delivery of the desired data united across relevant sources when and however that’s most useful.

Use cases and benefits

HealthFILE offers a complete picture of record-level health across multiple relevant data sources in various scenarios:

Healthcare planning

Optimised allocation of scarce resources for patient care.


  • Smarter resource allocation for most efficient and best patient care
  • Enhanced patient stratification for improved condition management
  • Reduced exacerbations and unplanned admissions
  • Better population health and system-level savings, which can be reinvested in the most at need areas

Healthcare resourcing

Funding and delivery of best-possible patient care.


  • Fuller patient care
  • Unlocking the latent value of patient-level data in silos
  • Funded patient support programmes for capacity relief
  • Implementation of stronger personalised care plans

The ultimate beneficiary? Each individual – through better care and outcomes.

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