Company Team

A multi-disciplinary approach is crucial to delivering safe and innovative next-generation record-level evidence. Our senior leadership team brings together many decades of international health science, technology and data science expertise.

Senior leadership team

Philip Russmeyer

Founder & CEO

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Philip has a passionate belief that we must act quickly to better integrate and safely provide individuals’ data to all those who can improve their health and well-being.

Through personal experience and a career that spans multiple healthcare technology and service companies, Philip has seen first- and second-hand how much opportunity for better human health is wasted, often with tragic consequences, when data are not utilised.
Philip founded FITFILE to unlock this critical opportunity to make all of our lives better.

Prior to FITFILE, Philip enjoyed many years of working with successful entrepreneurs and investors to build some of the world’s most exciting companies, and he is a firm believer in the power of collaboration across public sector, private enterprise and, most importantly, citizens themselves.

Outside of work, Philip enjoys almost anything with an engine in it. He has now warmed to the idea of electric power – at least alongside an internal combustion engine. Philip is a supporter of many charitable causes, is keen on sports when his chronic back issues allow, and cherishes time spent with his beloved family.

Philip holds an MA (Hons) from Cambridge University and an MBA from Harvard Business School, where he was a Baker Scholar.

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Jon Bradshaw

Chief Technology Officer

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Jon brings deep experience in developing digital products to market, based on a broad engineering and commercial capability, developed in various industry sectors and a fifteen year specialism in data management, transaction processing and high performance computing.

Jon has delivered a number of major systems starting with the multi-award winning, and world’s first online fantasy football game in 1995, the media trading platform for the London 2012 Olympics and subsequently for most of the UK newspaper industry. More recently, Jon has worked on high speed, serverless data processing in the mobile and adtech industry and building real-time anti-money laundering systems and data science capabilities for a range of cryptocurrency blockchains.

Jon is a named inventor on a number of technology patents and was previously a member of the UK Government’s Technical Advisory Group. Jon graduated in Information Systems Engineering from the University of Surrey.

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Dr Petros Kotsidis

Chief Data Officer

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Petros has been working with data long before data became fashionable. He implores everyone to engage data-driven decision making, while being acutely aware of the complexities and biases in the human decision making process.

Throughout his career, Petros has been in the fortunate position of being faced with data & analytics transformational challenges, either where data initiatives have not taken off or failed, or where new data organisations needed to be created. He enjoys the challenge of creating value through the use of data, particularly where there is health or public benefit.

Petros is passionate about protecting individuals’ rights and privacy, in a world where data sharing is an absolutely necessary and life-saving endeavour.

Before joining FITFILE, Petros spent a great part of his career transforming data and analytics for, or on behalf of national, regional and local NHS organisations, with small interludes across a range of other sectors such as consultancy, publishing and aviation.

Petros enjoys sailing dinghies (in warm weather only!), and flying radio controlled aircraft. If there is any spare time left, he is most likely to be found tinkering with motorbikes or cars in his garage.

Petros holds a BA (1st Class Hons), MSc, and PhD from the University of Sunderland, and an MBA from Cranfield University.

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Dr Gurpreet Singh

Chief Health Science Officer

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Gurpreet is highly enthusiastic about the convergence of health and technology to positively impact as many lives as possible.

He is an experienced healthcare professional and practising physician. Having been a Trauma & Orthopaedic Surgeon in his early career he transitioned to General Practice and Healthcare Commissioning to ensure an ever-increasing radius of positive impact from his activities.

Gurpreet was a founding member of an early-stage primary care network and founded, served as Chairman & CEO and scaled a London-based healthcare federation consisting of 35 healthcare practices serving 300,000 people. He has also advised numerous health technology companies through DigitalHealth.London where he sat on the advisory board.

In his leisure time, Gurpreet continues to attempt to improve his golf handicap and his tennis game. His 15+ year tennis coach describes his talents as mercurial – some of the time. Most importantly, Gurpreet loves outdoor adventuring with his young family.

Gurpreet holds an MBBS from Guy’s King’s & St Thomas’ Hospitals and an MBA with Distinction from Cass Business School, where he was an Entrepreneurship Scholar. He has also been awarded the MRCS(Eng), Membership to the Royal College of Surgeons of England and MRCGP, Membership to the Royal College of General Practitioners qualifications.

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Our team

Our fast-growing team of employees, contractors, advisors, non-executive directors and Advisory Council members supports the leadership team across each of our core health science, technology and data science functions. We are proud of the diverse team of visionaries we continue to build.

Team spotlight

Ozgur Sahin

Senior Data Engineer

What do you do at FITFILE?

As a Data Engineer, I’m building our capability to read data from isolated silos, transform it using a number of data engineering techniques and output valuable health insights whilst keeping personal information safe. Our data services are designed and built to be efficient, scalable, and secure.  I have plenty of unique challenges to keep me busy.

What do you enjoy most about working here?

I love the team at FITFILE. They are smart and friendly, and always available to help on something or discuss new ideas. I also enjoy the projects we are working on. They are challenging yet very satisfying, and we get to use some cool technologies. We have the freedom to research and come up with new solutions, which adds to the satisfaction I get from my work. Last but not least, it is a great motivation to know that what we are building will improve the healthcare system and benefit a lot of people, changing their lives for the better.

What else do you do to enjoy life?

Trying new restaurants is always a good way to spice up your life:) I like travelling, snowboarding, and sailing, but unfortunately, I haven’t been able to do those for a few years now. I enjoy playing chess. I had a peak FIDE rating of 1950, but it is down to 1800s now. I also minted a few NFTs on Algorand blockchain recently; not because I am artistic but because I wanted to learn how it was done.

Ian Whitney

Project Director

What do you do at FITFILE?

My role on the team focuses on the oversight and supervision of ongoing projects. Equally I serve as a liaison between business units, partners, and customers. Working at a startup has given me additional opportunities outside of my denoted role to be involved in commercial development, market and medical research, and even legal work. Wearing many hats is part of the joy of building an exciting venture.

What do you enjoy most about working here?

It’s about the human side of this journey. A person can really become quite isolated in focus – especially during the lockdowns. Remembering that what you’re doing, even the mundane bits, has a large impact on healthcare and treatment is incredibly important. It’s really about changing someone’s life for the better, and acknowledging that the “someone” is your family, friend, neighbour, and the population at-large.

What else do you do to enjoy life?

Like most, I enjoy socialising and taking in the great cultural traditions here in the UK. Recently, I’ve found myself attracted to the F1 constructors championship. Lockdowns have given me the opportunity to really walk around and explore London. Currently, I’m trying my hand at guitar and even amateur cricket – although I’m not sure my baseball skills have transitioned that well…