Company Partners

Our data partners are members of a fast-growing alliance of like-minded people and organisations focused on transforming health outcomes through safely accelerated data sharing and improved treatment pathways.

There are many benefits of joining our data partner alliance.


Better record-level evidence

Improved understanding of disease progression and phenotypes


Enhanced stratification

Detailed real world understanding of therapeutics and diagnostics


Improved health care

Better patient support is proven to improve outcomes and adherence by more than 30%


Smarter cost management

Long-term conditions affect 30% of populations and drive circa 80% of healthcare cost


Transformed outcomes

Better and longer lives through data-driven decisions

Case studies

Chronic Heart Failure

Better integrated data and therefore patient management across primary and secondary care can avoid 35% of hospital admissions.


Approximately 80% of complications can be avoided with improved patient stratification and targeting/tracking of higher risk individuals – for instance, one study in Australia showed that primary care visits below and above certain frequencies were strong predictors of impending hospitalisation.

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